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Rip Off the Bandage

This is what my husband told me when I told him my fears of beginning my journey of a newly Certified Family Life Educator. I obtained my certification a few months ago after years of schooling, studying, and exams. My desire for so long has been to help educate people about families, relationships, and much more. Now that I have the education and credibility… why am I still so nervous about getting started?

The simple answer is this: I am afraid to fail. I am afraid that my passion for marriage and family studies will not amount to anything. Logically, I know this is ridiculous. Sometimes logic doesn’t quite sink into my brain. Why would I want to try and then fail when I could just sit in a dark room and never attempt anything therefore never fail? Well, that is dumb that’s why. If I don’t try, there is a guarantee I will not fail. However, there is also the guarantee that I will never succeed in my dream of helping strengthen families and relationships of all backgrounds. Darn, logic.

I know a lot of blogs tend to go through a long story and explanation before actually getting to the point. This is absolutely what is happening right now.

Last weekend, I attended Phoenix Fan-Fusion with my husband and kids. I have never been and thought it would just be a nice adventure out of the house. Turns out, I had an absolutely amazing time.

The highlight of my day was attending a panel about Nature vs. Nurture in the Wizarding World. Two of my favorite things combined into one large discussion panel: psychology and Harry Potter. I was so anxiously excited as I ran to the panel room and sat as close to the front as I could. During the entirety of the discussions, my brain was whirring. My knowledge and insights about families, development, psychology, and sociology were dancing through my mind. I had to actively restrain myself from shooting my hand in the air with every thought I had. I will shamelessly brag and say that the comments I did contribute to the discussion were productive and informational, and were referenced throughout the panel itself (nerd-ing out moment here.)

I felt so alive. I was in my zone. Discussing families and relationships and sharing things I have learned and been so anxious to share with others is where I felt a special kind of motivation. (It helped the conversation was Harry Potter related…) In that moment, I knew that I could no longer hold off my journey as an educator. Since you are reading this, you get to be a part of my journey now too.

I am setting some public goals. By making it public, I am expecting the community that follows me to help keep me accountable. I have a passion, and I am ready to start building my work to educate and help anyone who is seeking help in family or relationship struggles. Here are my three goals as of today:

  1. This website will be my biggest tool right now to promote my content. Beginning mid-June, I am setting a goal to post at least one blog post per week on different topics of interest.
  2. Developing workshops and programs is another passion of mine. As hilarious and charming as I am through the written word, I relate much better to others when I can connect on a personal level. I plan within the next six months to develop a community workshop that can travel to different areas for educational purposes. Starting small, I hope to make sure my work is efficient and informed for the topics I cover.
  3. Involve the community as much as I can. For my future blog posts and workshops I plan to develop, I have many ideas and directions I would like to take. Though I could probably go quite a long way with my own thoughts, I know the material will be better received by my audience if I listen to the voices I am trying to teach. I will take suggestions from those who have interest and open my content to further ideology than what I can cook up in my own little mind.

I am open and ready for suggestions. For those of you who do not know, my certification proves that I have knowledge in:

Families and Individuals in Societal Contexts

Internal Dynamics of Families

Human Growth and Development Across the Lifespan

Human Sexuality

Interpersonal Relationships

Family Resource Management

Parent Education and Guidance

Family Law and Public Policy

Professional Ethics and Practice

Family Life Education Methodology


If you have something you wish to see me cover, please reach out to me. I am open to emails at Also, keep an eye out for my Facebook page to launch where I will be offering opportunities for opinions and insight as well.


I am ready to begin my journey. I will not let my fear of failure keep me from working towards blessing the lives of anyone seeking knowledge about the most important relationships in our lifetime. I can do this. I WILL do this. Here we go!

2 thoughts on “Rip Off the Bandage”

  1. I just read your postsand I’m thoroughly impressed with your eloquence and maturity regarding relationship dynamics. Reggie is very lucky to get to call you his partner!


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