Dysfunctional Fictional Relationships EPISODE 1: Thanos and Gamora

I have always been fascinated with fictional relationships. Whether or not the creator of the character meant to, the relationships that our favorite heroes and heroines are involved in say so much more about them than at first glance. After crying a million tears after watching Avengers: Endgame again, one relationship continued to stand out… Continue reading Dysfunctional Fictional Relationships EPISODE 1: Thanos and Gamora

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Rip Off the Bandage

This is what my husband told me when I told him my fears of beginning my journey of a newly Certified Family Life Educator. I obtained my certification a few months ago after years of schooling, studying, and exams. My desire for so long has been to help educate people about families, relationships, and much… Continue reading Rip Off the Bandage


How to Fight with your Significant Other

I have never had a fight with my husband. I know what you are thinking. ‘You must live in some fairy tale romance that doesn’t exist. You have got to be kidding yourself! That is crazy!’ Don’t worry, I get those responses a lot. Contrary to popular opinion, I do NOT live in some fairy tale romance, I am NOT kidding myself, and maybe it is not as crazy as it initially sounds.